Volpaia 2020


Chianti Classico

Castello di Volpaia
YEAR: 2020
The 2020 vintage began with a relatively warm winter and spring that resulted in the vines budding and flowering early. Temperatures only dropped in the first 3 weeks of June only to rise again immediately and remain high throughout the summer, although they never reached peaks highs for long periods. We had a particularly dry winter, but it rained abundantly in May and the first half of June. Rain stopped almost completely over the summer, only to start again towards the end of August and during the harvest. We can say therefore that summer was generally hot and dry and the vines only underwent moderate water stress. Harvest took place about a week earlier than is usual in recent years. When harvested, the grapes were perfectly healthy with thick skins and ripe seeds, even the ones harvested last when rain had begun again. The 2020 vintage has produced Volpaia wines that are a bright colour and have a good acidity level without an excessive alcohol content. Compared to previous years they seem less concentrated but are more elegant.