Il borgo
Il vino
Terra di Sogni

The Borgo

Our village.
Our heritage.
Since 1172.

The Florentine family, “della Volpaia” (from Volpaia), consisted of artists and builders that designed armillary spheres and solar clocks. The most famous amongst them was Lorenzo, friend of Leonardo da Vinci, who built the extraordinary planetary clock for Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio.

Today, Castello di Volpaia is owned 
by the Mascheroni Stianti family, which ensures that every restoration respects its original artistic characteristics. Respecting eleventh century tradition, the castle and surrounding village remains heavily involved in the production of Volpaia’s wine and olive oil.  

The Wine

Our land.
Our culture.
Our legacy.

That of the Volpaia area is a unique terroir in the Chianti Classico area.

The vineyards about 45 hectares are over 400 m. above sea level. on predominantly sandstone soils rich in skeleton suitable for the production of elegant and long-lasting reds, harmonious and aristocratic wines that manage to maintain the fruity aromas of the best Sangiovese for a long time.

Typical wines of the so-called “Alto Chianti” and easily recognizable for the composite elegance of their bouquet referable, in addition to the microclimate of the area, also to the very particular clonal selection carried out by the farm that led to the rediscovery and re-engagement of ancient indigenous Sangiovese strains.

This long process led to the creation of 3 Crus: Coltassala, Il Puro and Balifico, each with its own distinctive features.

Land of dreams

Values to preserve

Culture to be handed down,

Commitment, Elegance,

Purity, Passion, Curiosity


Closely tied to our past, we cultivate the future.We feel responsible not only for the people around us, but above all for our habitat.We sow passion to collect purity and deliver unforgettable memories of elegance.

Our goal is to save these values and be able to pass them on to future generations.

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