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When we made the decision to restore vinegar making at Volpaia we come up with a unique idea. Besides the classic red and white wine vinegars, we would not produce the usual aromatized varieties using a single herb like tarragon or basil, but ones flavoured with bouquets of different aromas. We began with a selection of some seventy different aromas culled from the garden greens, herbs and flowers on the estate, as well as more exotic spices, macerating each single aroma in both white and red vinegar. We began a two-year period of painstaking experimentation during which we tested various blends. It was a process of trial and error, discovering compatible tastes, balancing flavours, eliminating aromas that overwhelmed others. Finally, we concocted five different recipes. We have tried them with success on everything from salads and fish to fruit and ice cream.

  • Herbs: Is a blend of fennel, juniper, rosemary, thyme, balm, bay, garlic and chilli pepper.
  • Spices: combines cloves, nutmeg and black pepper with several herbs to temper the taste.
  • Vegetable garden: basic flavors of the Italian vegetable garden.
  • Fresh: White wine vinegar base and tastes of cool peppermint and green anise.
  • Flowers: Is a white wine vinegar aromatized with a pot pourri of antique rose, marigold, borage, lavander, elder, bitter orange, clary and sage.
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