Chianti Classico Great Selection

Coltassala, is the name of Volpaia’s oldest vineyard, populated with superior clones of ancient Sangiovese vines.
Orientation: Southwest-Southeast
Altitude: 1,598-1,755 FASL
Area: 5.83 ac
Density: 2,306 vines/ac
100% Sangiovese
Vineyard's attaching: Guyot
Ground: Sandstone

Coltassala, the archetype of the contemporary Chianti Classico.
Despite its original classification as Vino da Tavola, Coltassala was immediately recognized by the international press as a Super Tuscan.
The defining features of Coltassala went on to set the standard for a revised specification of Chianti Classico. Coltassala has surpassed the categorization it helped define and is now proudly classified as a DOCG Chianti Classico Gran Selezione